As you may know, the IBJJF has quite strict rules on what clothes you’re allowed to wear during their competitions.

The gi itself, it’s lengths, thickness, patch placement, belt length and so on keep practitioners on their toes (and slightly nervous about it passing inspection), but this is also the case in the No-Gi competitions, that are becoming increasingly popular within IBJJF. It wasn’t long ago that IBJJF started doing NoGi tournaments of their own, and they’ve quickly become recognized by the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community, as one of the premier No Gi tournaments around (although the ADCC remains the most prestigious one).

If you however, plan to compete in an IBJJF tournament in NoGi, you will need to wear clothing that is legal. That is why we here at Odin Fightwear have created a IBJJF legal belt color rash guard, that complies with all the regulations.

In essence, the rules are that you must wear a rash guard, and it must cover your entire torso, and reach well beneath your belt line (our strong, and high friction, rubber elastic in the waistline, takes care of this, and avoids you showing your belly). In addition to this, they have a number of rules on the colors of the rash guard, if it is to be IBJJF approved. The base of the rash guard, must be either black or white. In addition to the black or white, the only other color allowed, is the belt color (aside from the logo, which can be any color). At least 10% of the rash guard must be in the belt color that signifies your rank.

Most companies today simply use a generic rash guard, and either make the entire rash guard belt-colored, or just the sleeves. We thought that this approach was fairly boring, and wanted to create a good clean looking design, that caught the eye, without being crazy. This is what we came up with.

IBJJF belt color rash guard - Back rightBelt color rash guard - Back leftBelt color rash guard - Front leftRash guard waistband closeup


As you can see, the base of it is black, with the belt color only shown on the left side of it. The line in the front doesn’t come straight down, but rather comes in at a slight angle towards your centerline. It does the same at the back, but about 5 inches from the waistline, it takes a sharp turn right, giving it some asymmetry.

The front of the rash guard features our new logo, a stylized ravens head, and the back read “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”, and features a simpler version of our ravens head as well.

Hopefully this rash guard will be a welcome addition to the flora of IBJJF legal rash guards, I feel like it is a unique and clean design, that will hopefully appeal to a good portion of the BJJ community.