So, yet another company blog? Yes I’m afraid so, hopefully however, we can keep it interesting.

I’ve been inspired by my friend Jonathan, who runs Kuaui Kimonos, to launch a hybrid blog; a mix between company related news, and a general personal/travel blog (as it pertains to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

BJJ rash guards

As  this is my first post ever here, I figure introductions are in order:

My name is Kári Gunnarsson, I’m an Icelandic expat, who settled nicely in Denmark after coming there to study physics. Within half a day of stepping off the airplane from Iceland back in 2004, I was inside my current gym, CSA, training with my now good friend Christian Graugart, who runs the gym. That has been my homebase for the past 9 years, and i don’t think there’s a place in the world where i feel more at home than at CSA (if you’re ever in Copenhagen Denmark, make sure you drop by, the gym is very welcoming to travellers). I’ve been training BJJ now for about 11 years all in all, as i said, mostly in Denmark, but i started out under Chris Brennan (got my blue belt from him), and trained extensively in USA under Jeremy Williams and the rest of the Apex Jiu Jitsu guys. I got my purple belt from Rick Estrada (of fame), and eventually got my brown belt in 2012 from Robson Barbosa (as you can tell i’m not a fast learner, still just a mediocre brown belt after 11 years).

Being friends with Christian it’s hard not to get infected with his love for travel, and i do indeed travel with him to tournaments all over Europe, and hopefully i can blog about my travels here throughout my days. My next trip is to New York on October 17th to train with Marcello Garcia, my all time favorite Jiu Jitsu person, and i will definately post a blog about my experience there and life in the city in general.

I guess starting this company has been an extension of my love for the sport, trying to get more involved with it, and doing more than just training. My philosophy is more or less to create clothes that i would want to train in myself, both in terms of quality and designs. There’s lots of things that i’m learning as i’m going, but it’s a great, albeit slow, ride 🙂 Hopefully you will join me on this journey as we grow the company.

I will experiment a bit with different styles of posts here, my next one will be a bit more “commercial”; a buying guide for MMA/BJJ branded rashguards (horribly biased of course), but mostly this will be about my personal BJJ journey, and the going ons in the company in general.