Hey guys, i was off in St. Barthelemy in the Caribbean training with a bunch of awesome folks over there that are have started a very cool Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym on the island. We stayed for a week and trained/taught at the St. Barthelemy academy, and in general just had a blast.

We were invited to go sailing on a catamaran with some of the guys from training one day, and of course we jumped at the opportunity, and while there I had the weird idea to shoot a short instructional there. The setting just looked so beautiful  I thought it might be a nice break from the traditional black background instructionals we see all day.

The move I show here, is fairly straight forward, though I do bumble through it a bit in the video (sorry, a few beers were had while at sea). Basically whenever you have backmount, your opponent tends to want to control your choking arm, so assuming you have over/under grips (seatbelt), and your right arm is over, then they will often grab your right arm/wrist, (usually with two hands, even though i only show one in this video), and try to baseball grip it, before trying to move it to the other side of their head (as shown in the video), to escape.

In order to avoid this, and get back to choking, i do this move shown here in the video. It’s really easy and straight forward (though most people are a bit confused with hand placement in the beginning). It’ll allow you to continuously break the grip every time they grab you, and has the added bonus that it’ll stop (or at least slow) them from being able to pull your arm over to the other side of their head as soon as you lock your palms together. This is one of my main moves from the back, and it’s really effective at grip fighting from the back. Hope you enjoy it!

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