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New training method: The progress so far.

So i talked about in my last post, this new approach to training. So far it’s going pretty good, and i’ve expanded it to include the two NoGi classes i teach per-week, where i’ve been experimenting with a few different ways of teaching classes without showing a set technique, so now i’m training 4x a week without any technique from an instructor (including myself), ...

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We finally released our IBJJF ranked rash guard

As you may know, the IBJJF has quite strict rules on what clothes you’re allowed to wear during their competitions. The gi itself, it’s lengths, thickness, patch placement, belt length and so on keep practitioners on their toes (and slightly nervous about it passing inspection), but this is also the case in the No-Gi competitions, that are becoming increasingly popular within IBJJF. It wasn’t ...

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My NAGA matches from Paris

A short post here, but since i made a lot of posts about the trip/competition, here are my NAGA matches from the Paris tournament. I wrote two blogs about the whole experience, first a recap of the whole trip, and later a reflecation on what i’d learned about the importance of your mindset when competing in BJJ. First of 3 NAGA matches: My first ...

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My trip to NAGA Europe in Paris

This past weekend my team in Denmark, CSA.dk, lead by our coach Christian Graugart, headed out to NAGA Europe in Paris. It was actually a very tough choice to go, as Scandinavias biggest tournament, Swedish Open, was happening at the same time. It’s a really well run, and incredibly competitive tournament, and CSA has been a regular there for the last 4 years. This ...

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First post!

So, yet another company blog? Yes I’m afraid so, hopefully however, we can keep it interesting. I’ve been inspired by my friend Jonathan, who runs Kuaui Kimonos, to launch a hybrid blog; a mix between company related news, and a general personal/travel blog (as it pertains to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). As  this is my first post ever here, I figure introductions are in order: ...

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